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A data based study into construction costs and local labour markets for ethylene plant projects in the US based on original research conducted in 2015.

This report offers independent insight into local labour markets for skilled construction workers in the US petrochemical sector and how they will affect the cost of ethylene projects through to 2020.

Key Deliverables
  • Local labour cost estimates
  • Key plant technology costs and evaluation
  • Construction contractor comparisons
  • Forecasts of construction costs through to 2020
Key reasons to purchase this research:
  • Cost Management: Understand the construction cost environment in the US for ethylene facilities to manage cost escalation and achieve budget optimisation.

  • Location Planning: Gain crucial construction cost data to provide new insight into where to locate your plant.

  • Profile your Competitors: Understand local labour, key plant technology and equipment costs in the context of the current projects environment.

  • Excel files: Clients will receive excel files containing the report cost tables along with the purchase of this report. These files will contain the complete cost data, minimum and maximum ranges and forecasts through to 2020.

  • Forecasts: Estimates of labour costs based on different scenarios through to 2020 chart the course for future project costs.

  • Business Planning: Identify key trends in the petrochemical construction market to enable more accurate financial planning and strategic focus.

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US Ethylene Plant Construction Costs Report 2015

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